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2013 | Juan Carlos Ochoa S; The Rights of Victims in Criminal Justice Proceedings for Serious Human Rights Violations

by Juan Carlos Ochoa S.
Brill Academic Publishers, Inc. 2013 Series Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies , #12, 2013
ISBN-13: 9789004212152 

This book addresses a question of critical importance to policy-makers, international lawyers, academics, and affected societies throughout the world: Should victims of serious human rights violations be granted under international law the rights of access to and participation in criminal proceedings before international, hybrid and domestic tribunals? Juan Carlos Ochoa applies a thorough analysis of international and comparative domestic law and practice to this question, taking into account a host of international human rights instruments and case law, the theory, law and practice of international and hybrid criminal tribunals, the law and practice in several domestic jurisdictions, and many theoretical and empirical studies.