Recent events 2015

  • Sunday 25 January 2015 The Nuhanovic Foundation funded and participated in LAW’s round table on litigation for sexual more
  • Monday 2 November 2015 The first edition of the Distinguished Lecture on Transitional Justice at the University of Leuven ( more
  • Monday 2 November 2015 The Research Center For Material Culture will be hosting a symposium this month on the rights of Car more
  • Tuesday 3 November 2015 The International People's Tribunal (IPT) will be holding a set of hearings in the Hague between 10 more
  • Wednesday 2 December 2015   You are invited for a public debate on 14 December, 12.15 – 2 p.m.  more
  • Sunday 13 December 2015 NF Reader with background documents related to the Public Event at University of Amsterdam at 12.00 more
  • Sunday 13 December 2015 Palestinians and the Israeli Court System Litigating Violations of International Humanitarian and Hu more