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Indonesia People's Tribunal 1965

2014 The NF supports the International People's Tribunal on crimes against humanity in Indonesia (IPT 1965). This people's Tribunal has been set up to address the culture of impunity in relation to the crimes against humanity committed in Indonesia in 1965-1966. Following a failed military coup by supporters of President Sukarno and a few PKI (Indonesian Communist Party) leaders on 30 September 1965, General Suharto took control of the army and started his 30-years presidency. The whole PKI was immediately blamed for the attempted coup and a campaign of terror commenced against suspected communists, including left-wing activists and intellectuals. More than 500.000 people were killed in what has been described as one of the worst mass murders of the 20th century.
The IPT 1965 aims to give voice to the victims and break down the cycle of denial, secrecy and stigma that they still suffer. For more information on the Tribunal click here.