Round Table Strategic Human Rights Litigation - Symposium

During a two-day conference on 17 and 18 February Prof. Duffy (Leiden University) presented her report on the impact of strategic human rights litigation (SHRL) and the potential and limitations of the role of the courts in effecting human rights change. Questions that were analysed included: how should we understand ‘strategic’ litigation and what impact - positive or negative - has that litigation had, and what factors have influenced this? What are some of the challenges that arise in practice in protecting and promoting human rights through litigation? What strategies have enhanced the effectiveness of SHRL as a tool for legal, social or political change?

The event was organized by the War Reparations Centre of UvA and the Nuhanovic Foundation, in cooperation with Professor Helen Duffy.

Prof. Helen Duffy is Professor of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights at Leiden University. She also runs Human Rights in Practice, an international practice based in the Hague that specializes in strategic litigation before regional and international human rights courts and bodies. Her report is due in October 2017.
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The event was closed. Organizers: Frederiek de Vlaming ( and Nienke van der Have (
Location: Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam

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