Access to Justice for War Victims

The Nuhanovic Foundation (NF) was established in the Netherlands in 2011 by prof Liesbeth Zegveld and other leading litigators and specialists in the field of accountability and remedies for violations of international humanitarian law. We assist war victims who seek access to justice to obtain a remedy in the form of reparation, restitution or compensation. Our network of victim organizations, lawyers and academics offers a platform that shares experiences and knowledge in the field of war remedies. We maintain a specialized and searchable database with legal instruments, case law, and academic writings on the right to remedy and reparations. We provide funds for investigations and legal representations in negotiations and litigation.

Reparations were among the crucial building blocks for the reconstruction of democracy in Germany, establishing legal and moral standards that cannot be reversed today.

 Christian Pross, Paying for the Past. The struggle over Reparations for Surviving Victims of the Nazi Terror,  1998: xii, cited in Susan Slyomovics, How to Accept German Reparations, 2014: 68.


Reparations are financially useful, symbolically powerful, politically fraught, and resonate as an indisputable remedy with which to acknowledge the value of human life. Reparations become not merely a matter of law and economic protocols but a social movement and an extension of a political project.

 Susan Slyomovics, How to Accept German Reparations, 2014: 268.