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2014 | Amnesty International Report - Nowhere safe: civilians under attack in South Sudan

This report by Amnesty International focusses on violations of international human rights and humanitarian law committed by all parties to the conflict in South Sudan. A big part of these violations are sexual crimes. Of particular interest are the pages 45 until 51 where the national legal framework and the problems of accountability are discussed.

The Penal Code Act and the SPLA Code of conduct prohibit rape. The national framework, however, fails to define and sanction other international crimes including crimes against humanity and genocide. More worrisome however is the fact that since the conflict flared again in December 2013 civilian courts in areas affected by the conflict are not functioning. Furthermore, numerous initiatives are underway (The African Union Commission on Inquiry, and several investigation committees) to document and investigate crimes but so far no results have been published. According to Amnesty investigation committees have been established before, but neither of these committees produced public report. Nor did their investigations lead to criminal prosecutions. It seems that South Sudan is failing to ensure accountability.