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2014 | CARE Emergencies - The Girl has no rights: Gender-based violence in South Sudan

The CARE Report contains a baseline survey of gender-based violence affecting women and girls in South Sudan. The report shows that the vast majority of women and girls will al least survive one form of gender-based violence. According to the report gender-based violence has always been an concern in South Sudan. However, since December 2013 it is a crisis which will have far reaching, long term effects that will impact future generations. The survey found that gender-based violence is widespread and shrouded in secrecy. This while basis reproductive health care services have become even harder to access for women in South Sudan. The mains reasons for gender-based violence in South Sudan is the lack of gender equality, and systemic barriers to justice. The survey found that the overwhelming majority of gender-based violence cases were not reported, with the main reasons being fear and the feeling that reporting is useless. CARE also calls attention to the fact that gender discrimination contributes to the denial of opportunities to access education and can be a cause or consequence of gender-based violence.