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2014 | Gurtong Trust - The Judiciary of South Sudan

The Gurtong Trust – Peace and Media Project is an independent non-profit, community based project, which aims at removing all ethnic, political or personal obstacles on the way to unity, peace and mutual respect among South Sudanese. The organisation runs a website providing information on cultural, social, political, humanitarian and other development issues in South Sudan. The website contains an extensive overview of the judiciary of South Sudan, which not only names all the different courts, but even all the current judges.

The judiciary of South Sudan consists of the Supreme court of Southern Sudan, the Courts of Appeal, the High Courts, the County Courts and other courts or tribunals as deemed necessary. The Supreme Court of South Sudan is not only the final judicial instance, but also a constitutional court that has the jurisdiction to rule over the constitutions of South Sudan, a dispute settlement organ for disputes between the states of South Sudan or between the government of South Sudan and another state, and has the power to review death sentences.

The High Courts are the highest courts at state level. Interestingly for these courts it is mentioned that each state shall determine the jurisdiction of its customary law courts and shall provide for substantial representation of women in the state judiciary. Unfortunately the overview gives little information about the Courts of Appeal.

Lastly the overview mentions the different County Courts, which are the courts of first instance, and a few town and rural courts.