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2014 | UN High Commissioner's report on the situation of human rights in South Sudan

During the reporting period (May to August 2014) the scale and severity of reported violations and abuses of human rights and violations of international humanitarian law declined. However, civilians are still the victims of the ongoing armed conflict. Incidents of conflict-related sexual violence are still reported, not only in the context of the hostilities but also in cyclical inter-communal clashes.

Of particular interest are Sections III(B) and (F) on conflict-related sexual violence and accountability resepctively. According to the High Commissioner the absence of Government officials and services and the limited access to areas affected by the conflict are major obstacles to the proper monitoring of conflict-related sexual violence. Received information indicates that the heavy presence of armed personnel poses a grave risk to the security of women and girls. It appears that neither the Government nor the SPLM/A-IO took measures to bring alleged perpetrators to justice and provide for adequate remedies and redress for victims despite the establishment of several investigatory committees and numerous pronouncements by both sides that perpetrators would be held to account for conflict-related human rights abuses and serious violations of international humanitarian law. Despite this lack of progress UNMISS noted that some SPLA soldiers have reportedly been sanctioned in specific sexual violence cases.

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